It's a New Year! Time to make some music!

Post date: Jan 8, 2013 6:14:58 PM

We are back to school again after our two week break, and it's time to get back to music learning. The Holiday Program was great fun, but because we were working with the same four songs for awhile, it was a little difficult to keep learning new things.

The 5th graders will continue to play their recorders and earn belts by learning new songs in our Recorder Kung-Fu curriculum. They will learn harder notes, rhythms, and melodies and they will also continue to improve their notation reading skills. We will also go back to songs we have already learned on recorder and add harmony parts and chord roots to them.

In February, the 5th graders will travel to Grand Rapids to hear the Grand Rapids Symphony perform. During a couple of music classes before the field trip, we will listen to and study some of the songs that will be performed at the concert.