PS22 Chorus is a 5th grade group of students in New York that are SIMPLY AMAZING. I have been following their videos for years and everything they do is so great. I would recommend checking out all of their videos on YouTube (get a parent's permission first). I love how much expression they put into their music when they sing. Here are a couple of my favorites. 

Aiden James is a young ukulele player with some pretty good videos on YouTube. Check him out!

You can make music with ordinary objects! Here is the musical group STOMP, making some music with basketballs and in the kitchen.

YouTube Video

Here is one of my favorite bands, Ok Go, playing their song "This Too Shall Pass" with the Notre Dame Marching Band. Join marching band in high school! ;-)

I love this video of the a cappella group Pentatonix and violin player Lindsey Stirling. They are covering the song "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons.

Here is a video of two sisters singing in harmony using empty butter tubs as instruments. Lennon is 12 and Maisy is 8.

Lennon and Maisy

During my master's classes one summer at the University of Michigan, I took part in a African Music workshop. Here is a video of our final performance, after only 5 days of practice!

African Music Ensemble 2012

Libera is a very talented boys choir in Europe. Here is a video of them singing "Going Home". Notice their clear and light singing voices and the way they express the music in their faces and bodies.

Libera "Going Home"

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