Talent Show

Hello Students of South Elementary!

The 2013 South Elementary Talent Show is on 

May 24 at 2:00 in the High School Auditorium

Family members are welcome to attend!

Thank you to all of you who auditioned for the Talent Show. There sure are A LOT of talented students here at South! Unfortunately, since we have a limited amount of time for the Talent Show, we can’t pick everyone to perform even though all of you did such a great job. Here is the list of selected acts for the 2013 South Elementary Talent Show:


·      Quin DeKraker and Ellie DeVries – MCs

·      Mrs. Mueller’s 1st Grade Class – Song

·      Avery Koperski – Gymnastics

·      Emmaleigh Lyon – Song

·      Caden Smith and Mom – Piano Duet

·      Kadin Vruggink – Song

·      Peyton Perrin – Gymnastics

·      Ava Vugteveen and Clara Nederveld – Hula Hooping

·      Andrea Krontz – Songs

·      Nadia Vu – Dance

·      Piercon Alviar – Karate

·      Gennah Webb and Raven Lonser – Song

·      Sydney Guyot – Tap Dance

·      Kayla Chapin – Recorder

·      Emely Acevedo – Song

·      Holly Ornelas and Summer Wood – Hula Hooping

·      Livia Nederveld and Mr. Nederveld – Piano Duet

·      ShiLeigh Shepard – Song

·      Raina Sikkema – Jazz Dance

·      Brayden Bower – Song

·      Jillian Poel – Piano

·      Tristan Dyke – Drum Solo

·      Rylee Warner and Rylee Groenink – Song

·      Olivia Matice – Tap Dance

·      Parker Molewyk – Song

·      Sarah Fischer – Piano

·      Madelyn Gortsema and Macie DeJonge – Hula Hooping

·      Isabella Tillotson and sister Andrea – Song

·      Zina LoGiudice – Dance


If you have been selected for the talent show, you need to give your CD with your song or accompaniment to me

(Mrs. Novoselich) with your name on it.

Make sure you write down what track number it is if the CD has more than one track. 

OR, you can have your parents email me the song as an MP3 file. My email is enovose@hpseagles.net 

If you need help getting your song or accompaniment, let me know ASAP and I will get it for you. 

Your song is due to me before this FRIDAY, MAY 17. It is very important that you get your song to me on time so that I can make a master CD in time for the talent show. 

Performers will walk over to the High School at 12:40 on the day of the show with Mrs. Guerrero for a quick rehearsal. We will practice how to enter and exit the stage, but we won’t have time for you to run through your act.