Coventry Carol Auditions

posted Nov 20, 2012, 12:53 PM by Erika Novoselich   [ updated Nov 20, 2012, 1:07 PM ]

South Elementary: The audition for the recorder solo and recorder small group part for Coventry Carol will be during lunch recess, NOT during music class. If you would like to audition, please practice playing it at home over Thanksgiving break. If you don’t have a recorder at home, you can practice singing the note names and fingering your “air recorder”. Remember, all of our songs can be found here: Holiday Program. The auditions will be on the following days in the music room:


4B and 5B: lunch recess on Wednesday, November 28

4A and 5A: lunch recess on Friday, November 30


I will have the music on the screen in my room. Come right to my room at the beginning of your lunch recess and we will audition one or two students at a time. The audition will be the first time through Coventry Carol. I am looking for steady rhythm and correct playing techniques. If you make a mistake or squeak during your audition, just keep going! J  

--Mrs. Novoselich