Practice Practice Practice!

posted Mar 12, 2013, 8:22 PM by Erika Novoselich
Hello 4th graders,

As I've said many time in class, it is so important to practice your recorder at home. I only see you once or twice a week and the recorder is difficult to learn unless you practice reading notes and practice your fingerings outside of music class. Even if you don't have your own recorder at home, you can practice the fingerings on a pencil and sing the note names of our songs. If you have your own recorder at home, make sure you are practicing it the right way and trying not to squeak. 

Another great idea is to have your parents quiz you on reading note names. Or, you could quiz yourself by playing this game: Music Notes Flash Cards 
Just type the letter name of each note that you see!

Here are a couple recorder videos to get you inspired: